Euroopa päeva
üritused üle Eesti

1.-16. mai 2018
Мероприятия Дня Европы
по всей Эстонии
1-16 мая 2018 года
Europe Day
events all over Estonia
1-16 May 2018

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport for 2014-2020. In Estonia, the national organisation responsible for Erasmus+ is the Archimedes Foundation.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the programme. We will celebrate this on Europe Day on 6 May at Freedom Square.

With the help of the forerunners of the Erasmus+ programme, tens of thousands of Estonian citizens – pupils and teachers, students and professors, youth organisations and educational institutions – have benefited from international collaboration.

Among the primary aims of Erasmus+ in Europe is improving the key competencies and skills necessary for the job market; boosting and developing the quality of teaching and research; supporting growth, innovation and collaboration in the education and training sector; helping with promoting and sustaining social inclusion and equality; and preserving Europe’s reputation as a core hub for competence in the education, sport and youth sectors.

Erasmus+ is invaluable if you would like to:

  • gain an international learning experience, be it as a vocational student, university student or an active young person
  • develop yourself at an international scale as a lecturer or education worker
  • write exciting learning mobility projects for your youth organisation or educational institution
  • shape youth policy and enhance the quality of youth work or
  • do anything else that fascinates you in relation to youth, education or sport

To find more detailed information and determine what type of opportunities to gain international experience are most suited to you, please contact your educational institution or organisation. You can also visit

As part of the Europe Day passport game, you have the opportunity get to know every EU member state and explore how Erasmus+ has brought us closer to every country in Europe! You, too, can be part of and benefit from the different opportunities offered by Erasmus+!