Euroopa päeva
üritused üle Eesti

1.-16. mai 2018
Мероприятия Дня Европы
по всей Эстонии
1-16 мая 2018 года
Europe Day
events all over Estonia
1-16 May 2018

What is the Passport Game?

The Passport Game is an entertaining and educating game organized on Europe Day: it requires you to complete various routes in the Old Town, visiting the embassies of EU member states and collecting stamps in your game ‘passport’ for answering questions correctly.

Passport Game description

Take your Europe day ‘passport’ at the information booth on Freedom Square: this is where you will be collecting stamps for correctly answered questions. Participants will be answering multiple-choice questions, and embassy employees will be there to help you figure out the answers.

There are four routes in the Passport Game (Tõnismägi, Toompea, Freedom Square and Old Town), and completing each route will give you one vote in the prize draw. Completing several routes will increase your chances of winning because each route gives you one more vote.

This year, each route except for the one on Freedom Square features a museum, which you can visit free if you show the game passport and also collect a stamp. Museum visits have been included in the game for all of us to celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage together, too.

You can play the Passport Game alone or, for example, with all your classmates. Please make sure to read the rules of the game type you have chosen (see below).

Passport Game timeframe

The Passport Game starts at 15:00 on Freedom Square; participants have three hours to complete the game, and the check points on routes close at 18:00. Game passports are to be returned to the information booth on freedom Square.

After the game, you can enjoy the concert on Freedom Square starring Stig Rästa, Liis Lemsalu, Ivo Linna, Lepatriinu and Frankie Animal. The Passport Game prize draw will take place after the concert at 19:45.


  • All individual participants of the Passport Game will enter the prize draw to win one of the 4 travel vouchers in the equivalent of 500 euros each.
  • Participating school classes will enter the prize draw to win on of the two journeys to the heart of Europe: the prize for basic school classes (VII-IX) is a trip to Brussels, and the prize for classes of gymnasiums and vocational schools (X-XII) is a trip to Strasbourg. Before registering your class, please make sure to read the information about the prize under the rules of the game for classes!

The passport

Passports for individual games are available in the information booth on freedom Square. The passport is arranged in accordance with the routes and contains four perforated prize draw entry sheets that you have to return to the information booth on Freedom Square at the end of the game.

The school classes taking part in the game have to complete all the routes and then return to the information booth, where a prize draw entry sheet for the class will be filled in. classes can collect embassy stamps in the passport or, if they are playing the digital game version, on the stamp sheet they have received in the information booth.

Rules for individual participant

  • To take part in the game, you need a game passport, which you can get in the information booth on Freedom Square. Passports will be available from 14:30
  • After the game, come back and bring your passport to the information booth on freedom Square, where the staff will check that you have been to all the embassies on the route and put a stamp to certify you have completed it. The perforated sheet you have filled in will be torn out of the passport and placed in the lottery box.
  • The prize draw takes place on the main stage of the event at the end of the concert at 19:45. Four travel vouchers in the equivalent of 500 euros each will be raffled off.

Rules for participating school classes (VII-XII)


  • Registration takes place online at
  • Registration is open until 07 May 2018 (on the day as well).
  • For registration, please state the name of the school, class number, name of the contact person and their contact details (a teacher or another school employee who will be responsible for the trip in case the class wins).
  • Each class can only register once, so please check if the class has already registered before you do it yourself.

Game progress:

  • The game starts in the information booth on Freedom Square, where the class representative(s) receive game passports (maximum of 4 passports, that is, one per class per each route) or information materials about the digital Passport game. registration will be checked before game passports are issued.
  • The information booth on Freedom Square opens at 15:00 on 9 May.
  • To complete the Passport Game, a class must complete all four roots (Tõnismägi, Toompea, Old Town, Freedom Square). It is up to the class if it splits into several smaller groups or not. If the class splits into groups, each group must complete an entire route together (for example, the same group must collect all the stamps on the Tõnismägi route in the same game passport).
  • One game passport must contain all stamps from the embassies on the specific route (for instance, all the stamps of the Tõnismägi route so that the completion of the Tõnismägi route is recorded).
  • Using the digital game option, the team needs to have visited all the embassies and correctly answered all the questions.
  • After completing the routes, the class returns to the information booth to submit proof of completing all the routes (stamp sheets in case of the digital game option or the passport(s) standard game option).
  • The information booth staff will check that the roots have been completed, fill in the class details on the prize draw entry sheet, certify it by putting a stamp and put it in the lottery box. Prize draw entry sheets are of two colors to distinguish the two age groups: classes VII through IX and X through XII.

Prize draw and prizes:

  • The prize draw will be held at the end of the concert at approximately 19:45
  • There are two prizes:
    • a class trip to Brussels financed by the European Commission is the prize for classes VII-IX
    • a class trip to Strasbourg financed by the European Parliament is the prize for classes X-XII.

information about the prizes:

  • Prize for classes X-XII – a trip to Strasbourg
    The prize in the form of a trip to Strasbourg for a gymnasium or vocational school class is financed by the European parliament. The trip will take place in November 2018. Travel expenses of a maximum of 24 students and 2 teachers in the total amount of 500 euros per one person will be covered after the trip in accordance with the Euroscola project rules: If more than 24 students from one school are going on the trip, travel expenses of the extra students will not be covered. The minimum group size is 10 students and 1 teacher.
  • Prize for classes VII-IX – a trip to Brussels
    The prize in the form of a trip to Brussels is financed by the European Commission; during the trip, the group will be visiting various EU institutions. The trip will take place in July 2018. The minimum group size is 10 students and 1 teacher; the maximum group size is 30 students and a teacher (teachers).